Sky Ocean Rescue Team Sky Store Pledge

The Team Sky Store is an intrinsic part of our organisation – a one-stop online destination for all-things Team Sky, including our newly-launched Sky Ocean Rescue product lines.

In May 2018, Team Sky launched a campaign with Sky Ocean Rescue, aiming to raise awareness of this important issue and inspiring people in the cycling community and beyond to make simple, everyday changes to stop our oceans drowning in plastic.

Forming part of Team Sky’s ‘Race to 2020’ campaign, the Team’s pledge to #PassOnPlastic is inspired by Sky’s commitment to eliminate all single-use plastic from its operations, products and supply-chain by 2020.

We’ve already made a series of immediate changes within our store operation – and are continuing to make progress on other aspects too.

As part of our commitment, we believe it’s important to keep everyone up-to-date with our progress.

July 2018 – ’Team Sky Store Pledge’ …

  1. We only use 100 per-cent recycled and recyclable paper bags, and in some rare cases fully bio-degradable bags for customer deliveries. The bags are printed with relevant instructions, so please follow them – and bin the bag after use!
  2. We’ve replaced all plastic tape with secure paper-based tape
  3. We’ve removed our plastic-based Team Sky branded external sticker
  4. We no longer include single use plastic giveaways in any of our orders.
  5. Your Team Sky ‘Thank You’ postcard is now printed on recycled and recyclable card. If you like it, pin it on your wall – if you don’t, please recycle it!
  6. We’re no longer using plastic packaging on Team Sky ‘own label’ products. You will notice that we don’t use any internal plastic packaging for your items. This may mean your clothing arrives unfolded after its journey, but any creases will drop out after a short hang, wash or iron
  7. We’re no longer using extra plastic packaging on Team Sky ‘3rd party’ products. We are continually working with our suppliers to follow our lead and #PassOnPlastic, but in some rare cases your items will be packaged in plastic for the product's protection.
  8. ‘Sky Bidon Rescue’ – Orders placed during the Tour de France will receive a free Sky Ocean Rescue bidon, while stocks last. We encourage you to #PassOnPlastic – and use and re-use your bottle! Find out more here. Stocks have now run out!
  9. We’ve removed all bubble wrap and other plastic-based internal stuffing



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